Saturday, March 8, 2014

Boat Units

As usual, nothing goes quite how you would like it. Due to a traveler cart on it's last legs and multiple broken engine mounts Wild Swan is officially dockside for the extended future. Add to that preparing for a crazy month of May, it appears our move out of the house project will be extended. The traveler cart makes sailing dangerous and soon to be impossible and the broken engine mounts make motoring not possible. We also can't really live on the boat AND repair the engine. So in the house we stay, for now. Those are top priority to get fixed. Only a few boat units, right?
We also have had a trip planned for about 6 months to charter a boat in the BVI . We weren't sure if we would even be able to go, but went ahead and reserved the boat. Now it's looking like we will be able to go! So begin the mad dash to be sure we have everything planned! How do you put together a grocery list for 10 days?? I'm not a meal planner by any means. I've looked over what other people have stocked for their charters and gotten a few ideas, but still overwhelming. In addition I am a vegetarian, so the hot dogs and hamburgers every night doesn't work. Need to buy a floppy hat, sun shirt and oodles of sunscreen. How many bathing suits do you need? Some say 4-5 others say 2. I am picturing us living in bathing suits mostly every day.
That is half of our travel plans for May. My brother's wedding in NYC is another. Well 2 weddings! His fiance is Chinese so one Americanized version and one Chinese version. Which means I need two dresses. And neither can have black of white on them (bad luck). Let the shopping begin! I hate shopping and I hate spending money on clothes, but I am determined to do my best, for my brothers sake!
Boat Unit= $1,000
We have been saving for all of these things (well not the cart and engine mounts), knowing that they were coming. Now that small chunk sitting in savings seems pretty well drained.